Brian Milne
A Social anthropologist who specialises in the human rights of children. In practice Brian Milne has worked on the street with 'street children', child labour, young migrants, young people with HIV and AIDS. Brian’s work has taken him to around 40 countries, most of them developing nations; at least four of them have been in a state of conflict or war, thus taking him to the front line in two. Brian’s theoretical work began with migration; working on, written and publishing on citizenship and generally best known as an 'expert' on the human rights of children. Brian has a broad knowledge of human and civil rights for all ages, environmental issues and has been politically active most of his life. An internationalist and supporter of the principle of European federalisation.
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    A Facebook battle

    Sometimes social media drag the veracity of the human thought processes out into the open and what we see is occasionally frightening. When ...
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    The Trickster

    In anthropology there is a much explored characterisation of an exceptional person in a social group that might even be an entire nation. ...

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