Brian Milne
A Social anthropologist who specialises in the human rights of children. In practice Brian Milne has worked on the street with 'street children', child labour, young migrants, young people with HIV and AIDS. Brian’s work has taken him to around 40 countries, most of them developing nations; at least four of them have been in a state of conflict or war, thus taking him to the front line in two. Brian’s theoretical work began with migration; working on, written and publishing on citizenship and generally best known as an 'expert' on the human rights of children. Brian has a broad knowledge of human and civil rights for all ages, environmental issues and has been politically active most of his life. An internationalist and supporter of the principle of European federalisation.
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    Oscars wild!

    This year the Oscars,  the Academy Awards, given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for artistic and technical merit in ...
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    Eff me!

    A recent article in The Guardian told how Joanne Harris turned down a book deal with an unnamed mail order book club in the ...
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    On liberty now

    John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty was published in 1859. In it he presented one of the most persuasive defences of individual freedom in nineteenth century ...

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