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The European Network is an independent Irish-incorporated non-profit media organisation.

We’re a small, multi-disciplinary team of volunteer professionals supporting aspiring writers, journalists, podcasters and media enthusiasts. We provide a forum for citizens in Europe and beyond to air and exchange views on current affairs.

Running TEN means assuring good quality website and podcast performance, keeping software and hardware up to date, paying for hosting, servers, podcast studio equipment, website design and development, and planning and managing continuous promotion on social media.

We could not do it without those star writers sharing their talents with us for next to nothing, or without the generosity of the Ireland Department of Foreign Affairs Communicating Ireland Initiative (CEI), nor without the all-important support of you, our readers.

But managing all this while remaining independent of sponsors is possible only because we in the TEN team give our time and talent for nothing and often dig into our own pockets to meet essential expenses. We do it because we believe in what we do, but our personal resources are limited.

Because we’re used to operating on a shoe-string budget, even a small contribution from you will make a big difference – to you who already know us, but also to those aspiring writers, journalists, podcasters and media enthusiasts – and their audiences – in places like Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Now, more than ever, they need our encouragement to make them feel part of Europe. Can you help us – and them?

Your donation is a direct contribution towards the costs of running the platform. With your support we can continue to publish and connect.

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