Welcome to Podtronika – The European Network podcast portal. This section is for those who want to discover podcasts exclusively created in Europe. These audio productions listed here are not products of The European Network and do not in any way represent the views of The European Network. 

Lidia’s Booktastic Podcast

Lidia loves books and so with her dad, she decided to do a podcast to tell other boys and girls about the books she reads and what she likes about them.

Pop Your Cultural Cherry

From making friends in Europe to seeing snow for the first time; The Pop Your Cultural Cherry podcast aims to give listeners a unique perspective on life in Europe with an Asian/Filipino twist.

The Europe Elects podcast

The Europe Elects podcast is brought to you by the continent-leading polling aggregation, data analysis and election coverage organisation, Europe Elects.

Eastern Dialogue

Eastern Dialogue is a series of podcasts focusing on the many aspects and insights of Eastern European states located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

The Living Education

The Living Education is a podcast about education. We will explore with you, the ups and downs of the education world.


A bilingual podcast with interviews about all sort of topics with people that are admired by the artist and host, Daniela Cantir.


Journalist Victoria Graul puts on the checker glasses with you and explains why “Think before Sharing” should become your favourite hashtag. She classifies, speaks to experts and explains connections. Because there is always a system behind every fake news. There are also guidelines for everyday life.


Discovering what makes us human, exploring important life hacks, and “how to be”, whilst self-reflecting with you all on this journey of improvement. Hosted by journalist, Suswati Basu, exploring key lifeskills people struggle with, whilst attempting to learn herself.


The Comfortable Spot is series of conversations with interesting people from different walks of life. You may not know all of them but you might find them intriguing so I hope you are sitting comfortable and happy to stay with us.