The Ireland EU 50 Podcast

In this podcast series we complement our collection of articles we have published over the last 18 months celebrating 50 years of Ireland in the European Union.

This series is presented in cooperation with the Irish Foreign Ministry as part of the Communicating Europe Initiative.

In the first episode our guest is Dr. Fergal Lenehan. Fergal is based at the University of Jena, Germany, where he is a full-time researcher at the project called ReDICo: Researching Digital Intercultureality Co-operatively. A believer in Social Europeanism, he is an author and recently also a co-editor of Reclaiming the European Street by President Michael D. Higgins.

In his article, An Ethical-Cosmopolitan Turn, Fergal explores the idea that EU membership may see a cosmopolitan European identity emerge from a cosmopolitan Ireland, an ethical-cultural open-mindedness for the 21st century, centred in an inclusive economy. Fergal is chatting with The European Network’s Brian Milne.

In the second episode our guest is journalist Valerie Cox. Valerie has worked with all the national newspapers & spent 24 years working with RTÉ on Morning Ireland, Drivetime and on the Today Show with Pat Kenny and Sean O’Rourke covering everything from current affairs to the District court. Valerie has also worked abroad in Sri Lanka and in Vietnam.

In her article for the EU50 series, Valerie discusses just how far Ireland has gone over the last 50 years of membership and examines the realisation that we are all one, that we can work together to create not only a better Europe, as in the original EEC, but a better world for everyone. Valerie is chatting with The European Network’s Lennard van Otterloo.

In the third episode our guest is Martin O’Donoghue. Martin is a Historian and Author based in the University of Sheffield’s Department of History since 2020. A Recipient of the National Library of Ireland Research Studentship, Martin holds a PhD in 2017 from the National University of Ireland, Galway where his research was funded by the Irish Research Council.

Martin’s research examines the dynamics of political thought and debate in modern Ireland and in his article for The European Network, Martin looks beyond the longer story of the Irish state and Europe, considering Irish links to the continent in a broad sense as well as development in the state’s political, social and economic imperatives.

In the fourth episode our guest is professor Pat O’Connor. Pat is Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Limerick and Visiting Professor, Geary Institute, at the University College Dublin.

She is an expert in gender studies and women’s rights, which has made her a leading commentator on women’s issues and society in general.

In her article for the European Network, Pat concludes that discrimination and misogyny are less obvious now but they have not disappeared and without 50 years of EU membership, it’s impossible to imagine where Irish society might be.

Pat is chatting with The European Network’s Frances Cowell.

In the fifth episode our guest is Brendan McKee. Brendan is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh with a particular passion for nationalist politics. His work focuses on unpacking the complexities of current affairs and expanding the political conversation.

In his article for the European Network, Brendan argues that Ireland is far removed from the isolationism it existed in fifty years ago, and EU membership has brought it to a point where it can help others.

Brendan is speaking with The European Network’s Brian Milne.

In the sixth episode of our IrelandEU50 podcast series our guest is writer and political commentator James Candon.

A self-confessed Europhile, James believes in bringing people together to build a competitive diverse Europe and in his article for The European Network, James wrote that Ireland in the EU has provided freedom and privilege to have one or more identities and to have strong and free debate on all political matters that impact our daily lives.

James is talking with The European Network’s Brian Milne.

In the seventh episode of our IrelandEU50 podcast series our guest is Patrick O’Riordan, Head of Public Affairs at the European Parliament in Ireland.

In his article for The European Network, Patrick discusses how the Irish seem to be able to embrace bigger ideas of who we are without losing anything. We all move seamlessly from being passionate Dubs, to diehard Munster or Leinster supporters to proud Irishmen and Irishwomen without being any less of the former. Patrick believes that we shouldn’t hesitate to embrace our European identity as much as our Irishness.

James is talking with The European Network’s Ken Sweeney.

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