The Moldovan Coffee Break Podcast

Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, nestled between neighbours, Romania and Ukraine. In the Moldovan Coffee Break, we will shed light on this often misunderstood country. In a production by The European Network, Loredana Prijmireanu sits down with six other Moldovans as they discuss their thoughts, fears, challenges and beliefs as young citizens of this country in 2021. You can access this podcast on Anchor or wherever you choose to download your podcast. The Moldovan Coffee break will reveal a vibrant Moldova that is ready to show the rest of Europe that they are here.

In this first episode, we meet Catarina Martin – a twenty-year-old student who is based in Maastricht studying European Law. Catarina and Loredana discuss living away from home and what aspects can make it attractive for young emigrant Moldavans to return to their homeland. Thanks for visiting our podcast platform.

In episode two, we meet Vasile Harghel – a medical student studying in Moldova and also working in a Covid-19 hospital ward. We chat with Vasile about being a university student in Moldova and working in the fight against the pandemic.

In episode three, Alina-Maria Turcanu talks to Loredana. Alina is a second level student based in Moldova. A young European Ambassador, Alina discusses her involvement in civil society and her thoughts about Moldova and its relationship with the EU.

In episode four, our guest is Loredana Gamurari. Loredana is employed in a government position and is also a video and image content creator focusing on Moldovan society. We talk about employment, national identity and soviet influence on local architecture.

In episode five, we meet Marcel Lazăr. Marcel is a classical musician and founder of a non profit organisation in Moldova called Moldo Crescendo. We discuss the status of the arts and what the future holds for artists in Moldova.

In episode six, Loredana talks to Cristina Carmanu. Cristina is a student who has spent time working in the Moldovan media with local publication, Ziarul de Garda.

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