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Welcome to The European Network’s Ireland EU50 podcast.

In this series we will be complementing our collection of articles that have been published over the last 18 months on The European Network website that celebrate 50 years of Ireland in the European Union.

Today our guest is Patrick O’Riordan. Patrick is Head of Public Affairs at the European Parliament in Ireland and in his article for The European Network’s EU50 series Patrick discusses how we Irish seem to be able to embrace bigger ideas of who we are without losing anything. We all move seamlessly from being passionate Dubs, to diehard Munster or Leinster supporters to proud Irishmen and Irishwomen without being any less of the former. Patrick believes that we shouldn’t hesitate to embrace our European identity as much as our Irishness.

This series is presented in cooperation with the Irish Foreign Ministry as part of the ⁠Communicating Europe Initiative⁠.

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