By now, we are all aware of the horrific attack in Barcelona yesterday.

It is unbelievable to think that are some out there who wish to cause harm to the innocent, and in particular the children, who have no cause or grudge against anyone.

We at Europa United are completely shocked and saddened and our total solidarity is with all the victims and their families.

However, in midst of this we must remember that we will stand against the hate and the terror, forever.

The cowards who hide behind lies and deceit want us to stay indoors and never venture out but we must be defiant. Do not for one second reconsider taking a future trip abroad – don’t think that you are a prisoner.

The best tribute we can pay to the victims of  yesterday is to keep gong on with our lives and above all, celebrate ours and their freedom.

It is because we have earned our freedom here in Europe that we must never allow it to be taken away by those who wish to put fear into our hearts and minds.

We are with you Barcelona, and we will continue to visit and enjoy your wonderful city for all time. Until we meet again.

Estamos contigo Barcelona y seguiremos visitando y disfrutando de tu maravillosa ciudad para siempre. Hasta pronto.

Stephen DuBois
Europa United contributor

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