Brexit is now a case of treason by the Conservative party, who in conjunction with extreme right wing elements from around the world, are conspiring to destroy the freedom we enjoy.

Physical conflict is destructive, costly and without a timeframe for termination. But by secretly working through the democratic institutions, the enemies of the real free world can take control through propaganda and lies while holding on to the infrastructure that they need, in particular, the financial institutions.

We have traitors in our midst

Yesterday, Britain succumbed to an act of treason by elements in power both out in the open and in the shadows. And even though there are those out there who think leaving is both honorable and democratic, they do not realise that they are co-conspirators in a bigger, more devious plan.

Pawns like Farage, Assange and Le Pen are already sowing the seeds of EU discontent in other states and nations of the union while their paymasters in Russia look on. Taking a historic view, initial large-scale Russian aggression is almost always non existant. They rarely take the first step and they are doing it again. Playing on the same team but not for the same goals are the media, in particular, the print and TV media. Turn on BBC’s Question Time every week and you will be sure that UKIP will have a representative there even though they had up until last week, only one representative in Westminster. That MP, Douglas Carswell resigned from UKIP on the same day that hundreds of thousands marched for our values across Europe. Even though there were many thousands marching in London on that day, the BBC decided that both its online service and its 24 hours news channel should feature Carswell at the top story throughout that day. And remember all this focus for a party with only one elected member of parliament. Not only does the BBC seem to have some kind of fetish for UKIP, it also enjoys having the likes of Le Pen on its channels regularly. Some may say that once the percentages are laid out, it wouldn’t look so biased but you only need to read the twitter feed of this link below to see how the general public of the UK feel.

So why is it happening? It’s mainly because of ratings, revenue and a desire to still remain relevant. Yet some of the media is making a decision to sacrifice balance, fair coverage and the truth for the sake of a few euros.

The revenge of the liberals has begun

So we are in a position where we need to make sure that we check the story and ignore the lies. We also need to be vigilant, aggressive and non-compromising and show no mercy to those who are faced with the truth but still refuse to accept it. Because if we don’t, we will see our way of life destroyed and a return to a feudal nationalism based on survival of the fittest. Because no matter what might be portrayed, the way of life that is being peddled by the likes of Le Pen, Farage and co is nothing like the way I was brought up. Their way is an archaic, selfish and cruel which I do not wish to subscribe to. And it may seem popular and almost trendy to read Breitbart and call liberals “looney lefties” or worse, it is nonetheless, a step back for human evolution. The callousness of their actions and statements will be judged by future generations as a monuments regression in civilisation.

But the fight back has already begun. It started in the recent Netherlands general election, and along with many other movements, it is now being played out in cities across the continent with organisations like Pulse of Europe. It will continue in the French and German elections this year and our way of life will prevail because we do not fear them as much as they fear us. Being moderate and fair towards them only puts us at a disadvantage and allows us to be ridiculed. Thousand’s of people walked the streets of Rome last week demanding a better future. Some want closer integration of Europe while others simply want to enjoy the freedom they already possess without having to worry if some idiot with stupid hair is going to try and take that away from them in the religion, conservatism or some other out of date notion. And it is going week by week because unlike past social movements, it encompasses all generations because the threats affect all generations. It’s time to nail your colours to the mast and defend your right to be what you are; free, compassionate and open-minded. If you are none of these things, I feel sorry for you but not very much because if you can read this, then you can educate yourself and not be lead by snake oil salesmen and women. It’s your choice.

Whatever the outcome in the short term, the war against the real free world continues and we snowflakes are learning the enemy’s tactics day by day.

The “snowflake” is small on its own but if joined together with many other flakes, it can turn into an avalanche.

Watch out snake oil peddlers and traitors.

Ken Sweeney
Committed to idea of supporting aspiring writers and journalists. Serial podcaster.

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