Europa United’s Ken Sweeney chats with United Europe’s Managing Director, Sabine Sasse about her organisation as well as the first in a series of forthcoming seminars of Young European Professionals which is beginning in Zagreb in the 12th of March.

United Europe (UE) is a pro-European organisation. The goal of the organisation is to build a Europe that can ensure peace, liberty and prosperity for the next generation of Europeans. That is they we want Europe to remain competitive in the world – ideologically, politically and economically. United Europe oppose the trends toward centralism and bureaucracy. Europe will only thrive if it respects the diversity of its peoples and cultures. United Europe’s goal is to improve the understanding among nations.

United Europe’s most important goal is to win the younger generation over to our idea of a united, competitive and diverse Europe. This is the Young Professionals Seminars (YPS) is their flagship project. Two or three times a year, 20 to 25 outstanding young Europeans are invited to a weekend seminar to discuss European topics of particular relevance to the next generation. On the page of the Young European Voices, United Europe also publishes opinions and views of participants of our YPS.

On 12th and 13th March, 2020, United Europe’s 18th Young Professionals Seminar will take place in Zagreb (arrival on 11th, departure on 14th March). In cooperation with EUROPAEUM, a network of leading European Universities, we are inviting young European talents from all professions to a seminar titled – The EU and the Western Balkans region – the state of play.

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