On 24th June 2016 the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and on 29th March 2017 Britain triggered Article 50. Ever since the U.K voted to leave there has been nothing but chaos. It has stressed everyone out and we all have been waiting to hear something reassuring just like after every break up. So, here is your guide to get over the U.K-EU break up.


Items you will need: EU flag, any of your favourite EU product (preferably a drink with the highest alcohol percentage), and tears.

Method: Cuddle your EU flag whilst downing the whole bottle of alcohol or stuffing your mouth with food, cry loads, and repeat.

Now that that is out of the way, you have cried and emptied your tear ducts, listen to me. Suck it in, EU citizens and that goes for you Brits (Remoaners) out there too. Brexit is happening and nothing can change her mind, even the fact that the Pound is becoming weak and wobbly.

I too used to whine about the U.K leaving the EU but I got over it. I told myself that there are twenty-seven, TWENTY-SEVEN, other EU countries to live in! You might hesitate at the thought of learning a new language but most Europeans are bilingual. Learning a new language is a bonus; think about how good it would look on your CV! Think about all the new places you can live in and explore, live the millennial dream, not forgetting about the different cuisines you can eat every day instead of fish and chips.

Fresh start – abroad

Find your new life in the city of Porto, or maybe in Stockholm, or in Transylvania amongst the Vampires, or live closer to the European Council in Brussels. Enjoy the Freedom of Movement that the EU has offered to the fullest. The EU has twenty-seven other countries and still more on the waiting list, so more countries to make a home in. For those EU citizens who call Britain their home and the British citizens who call mainland Europe their home, keep hope and faith and leave the rest in the EU negotiators’ hands.

I was scared that I would be thrown out from the island along with my fellow three million European buddies but this Brexit-fear is overrated now. I got over it and so should you. Brexit took the U.K out of the EU but it can never take away your European identity. Enjoy the remaining year and few months until March 2019. Enjoy the Freedom of Movement. Enjoy living united in diversity.

Divine Gonsalves
Divine Gonsalves is Goan-Portuguese girl born and bred in the Emirates and now living in Wales. Divine believes that the EU is flawed, but who or what isn't?

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    1. Hallo
      Every talks that Brexit is happening and nothing can change it.
      The Brexiters didn’t accept the first referendum and kept on fighting until they got a second one.
      It would make sense to get the 3rd one through sooner than they did to keep damage to a minimum. There will be a 3rd referendum it is just a question of when: Maybe next time all Brits will be allowed to vote.

      1. Simon, you’ve got it all wrong.
        The “Brexiteers” are the people who are satisfied with the result because they’ve got what they wanted- to leave the European Union. The “Remoaners” as the Brexiteers dubbed them are the people fighting to remain the EU.
        The second referendum that you have mentioned has never happened and never will. It will never happen because it’s a waste of money and it is unfair to not accept the result of the first referendum. The result of the referendum on the 23rd of June 2016 is the only referendum that will be accepted.
        All resident Brits were allowed to vote. The residents of the United Kingdom (Irish, Welsh, Scottish, English, and Commonwealth citizens) were allowed to vote. Only British citizens living abroad for more than fifteen years weren’t allowed to vote.

    2. Love it! I have a part Goan-Portuguese nephew by the way, at least my sister being of Scots origins makes that Scogopo, now there is something to fry the minds of xenophobic, flat earth believing kippers!
      On your 15 year point in the comment above, there were many, many exclusions because voting papers did not go out to arrive on time, even a good number that arrived where it was possible to track them back over La Poste as entering France after the referendum had already been and gone. Then there were lost and confused registrations where people got nothing… There are at least half a dozen permutations here in France and that we have also heard of in Spain, therefore we can assume elsewhere. Between the now numerous anti-Brexit groups around Europe, when one adds up exclusions then for all we know we might have seen enough people excluded to have at least made it a tie. Now that would have been interesting.
      Since June last year what has happened is essentially a farce in which people with the mentality of those who worked with Julius Streicher on ‘Der Stürmer’ from 1923 to 1945 prowl around like the characters in Monty Python’s ‘Ministry of Funny Walks’ sowing the seeds of mayhem that are meant to imbalance Europe but, in fact, are making the EU that much more unified. If there were any more leaks than at present, May and her cabinet would drown in the deluge. If it was not so serious it would be funny.
      I’ll stick it out here in France with my otherwise Swiss family, could consider your suggested Transylvania amongst the vampires, but what this monstrosity of a Brexit is doing to so many people disturbs me intensely.

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