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Welcome to The European Network’s Ireland EU50 podcast.

In this series we will be complementing our collection of articles that have been published over the last 18 months on The European Network website that celebrate 50 years of Ireland in the European Union.

Today our guest is Dr. Fergal Lenehan. Fergal is based at the University of Jena, Germany, where he is a full-time researcher at the project called ReDICo: Researching Digital Intercultureality Co-operatively. A believer in Social Europeanism, he is an author and recently also a co-editor of Reclaiming the European Street by President Michael D. Higgins.

In his article, An Ethical-Cosmopolitan Turn, Fergal explores the idea that EU membership may see a cosmopolitan European identity emerge from a cosmopolitan Ireland, an ethical-cultural open-mindedness for the 21st century, centred in an inclusive economy. Fergal is chatting with The European Network’s Brian Milne.

This series is presented in cooperation with the Irish Foreign Ministry as part of the Communicating Europe Initiative.

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