The European Commission have announced today that Thursday the 6th of October is going to be the launch date for the EBCG or European Border and Coast Guard agency but there are a lot of unanswered questions.

According to the Commission press release, the new agency will ensure that Union standards for border management are implemented at all external borders; carry out periodic risk analyses and mandatory vulnerability assessments to identify and address weak spots; be able to draw on a rapid reserve pool of at least 1,500 border guards and a technical equipment pool; play an enhanced role in return operations.

The official launch of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency will be carried out by Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos at the Bulgarian-Turkish border, followed by a press conference. The launch will be available on Ebs.

A few questions spring to mind. How effective will the EBCG be when faced with the situation of an illegal border incursion gone violent? Will they be armed according to the laws of the states that they are protecting? Will they be just observers or will they play a role in the complete process. Finally, will members of the agency come from the state that they are assigned to or will there be a guarantee that the agency staff will be from another EU state?
All these questions among others still need to be answered but there is no doubt that the majority of those calling for more control at the EU border will be happy at this announcement made today.

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