At a meeting of of airline leaders in Brussels this week, chief executive Michael O’Leary has indicated that his airline, Ryanair, will ground planes if Britain follows through with its decision to leave the EU.

Mr O’Leary said he wants to ‘create an opportunity’ by making people realise they are ‘no longer going to have cheap holidays’.

He went on to state that “It’s only when you get to that stage where you’re going to persuade the average British voter that you were lied to in the entire Brexit debate.

“You were promised you could leave the EU and everything would stay the same. The reality is you can leave the EU, yes that’s your choice, but everything will fundamentally change.”

Ryanair believes that a real air flight crisis is on the way if Brexit goes though and is suspecting huge disruption with flights between the UK and Europe.

He said: “When you begin to realise that you’re no longer going to have cheap holidays in Portugal or Spain or Italy, you’ve got to drive to Scotland or get a ferry to Ireland as your only holiday options, maybe we’ll begin to rethink the whole Brexit debate.

“They were misled and I think we have to create an opportunity.”

Mr O’Leary has been an outspoken critic of Brexit and has warned the British government of impeding disruption on a number of occasions following the referendum result in 2016. There is no doubt that up this point, huge uncertainly remains about the workings of business between the EU and Britain following Brexit. Despite a number of high profile speeches from leading members of the UK government, Britain has still not indicated in much detail how large scale industries like the airline business will function following April Fools day in 2019, the day that Britain will formally leave the European Union.

No patience anymore

And now it seems that patience is wearing thin for the big industry players like Ryanair who need to have secure plans in place a number of years in advance. With no clear indication on any aspect of UK business dealings, the time is running out for Theresa May and co. and it may be that the likes of Michael O’Leary will be playing a huge part in showing just how it could be if no deal is reached.

While this move will be seen by many from the leave camp as further interference by Ireland in the negotiations, it will also be seen as huge lifeline to the remain campaign. However it still seems that the British public is divided down the middle with little or no movement on either side since the referendum result. But could it be that the penny is finally dropping with the British people who only now are just beginning to realise what life will be like with no deal and an uncomfortable exit from the EU?

If Ryanair goes ahead and ground all planes, then the British public who voted to leave could face such inconvenience that it may show them that it might not be worth it if they were to lose the advantages of cheap travel and freedom of movement. While it still seems likely that Britain will leave on April 1st 2019, just how it leaves could be influenced by big business from here on in.

Ken Sweeney
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    1. Just deserts ! But the lying propagators of Brexit are unlikely to get their comeuppance, as always, it’s the misguided majority that’ll suffer the consequences.

    2. Also it will cost us the british very dear ticket to fly to Europe and also we need a holiday or any kind of visa to go into Europe countrys but the brexiteers will say it is a scare morging from the remain side

    3. I don’t think we are split down the middle rather we are split in thirds, 17 million voters wanted Brexit, 16 million wanted to remain and 15 million did not vote. The Brexit lot were all angry and riled up and all went to vote. The remain campaign was tame and did not get all remainers to the polls. I think it is likely that remainders are the silent majority.
      Before we take a plunge in living standards as 40% is knocked off our collective savings and pensions with the depleted pound. Think!
      Thank you to anyone who stands up for thinking again!

    4. Do Ryanair only fly to EU destinations ?

    5. The shit will really hit the fan if this happens. It is not just Ryanair but Thompson have also added their own get out clause for flights after March 2019 in case they don’t have the required permissions to fly to destination within and in the airspace of EU member states. Such stories tend to be a bit ‘hidden’ by ones about Brexit directly, spies, people dying in the hands of the NHS, the royal wedding and the usual grinding machine drivel about soaps, scandalous behaviour by celebrities or some ‘superstar’s’ big chest or bum. When the costas loving Brexiters find their Torremolinos flights are scuppered then inevitably they will blame the EU, but with a bit of luck O’Leary and a couple of other CEOs will spell it out. The right wing media are hiding stories like this so I sincerely hope the Daily Heil, Excess, Scum and other rags get their comeuppance for not telling their faithful they are condemned to holidays in Frinton-on-Sea, Margate and other little bits of paradise.

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