On the 28th of June Poland is going to the ballot box to vote in a new President and in this episode we assess the candidates, their policies and try to find out who is the favourite for the highest position in Poland. To help us, we are joined by Journalist and Director of Public Affairs at Open Dialogue Foundation, Martin Mycielski.
The Polish Presidential elections had been initially planned for the 10th of May, but they faced an inevitable postponement until the 28th June as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The government, under control by populist conservative party Law and Justice made continuous attempts to hold the elections in the middle of crisis, even trying to organise them by postal voting only, yet the pressure from all sides of the political spectrum, including from their own party members, forced them to reschedule onto a new date.

Now with a few days to go, the race is on and we take a look at who’s who in the fight for the seat in the Presidential Palace.

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