During the last few months, I have been anxiously looking at every new ‘Sunday question’ which is a poll conducted to find out how the people of Germany would vote if elections were called.

In that time, it seems that the AFD (a German right wing party) have gained an increase in popularity points and it looked like they could even hit 20 per cent at the next general election; an unbearable situation for Germany and its democracy when you consider our past. However, last Sunday’s report seems to have indicated a change which made me smile as it now shows the closet Nazis at around 8 per cent and falling.

So what has happened?

Martin Schulz happened

The Social democrats in Germany under Sigmar Gabriel were in deep crisis due to their long term involvement  with the current Grand Coalition along with the conservatives of the CDU. The current situation is that most voters are no longer able to see an original social democratic politic shaping Germany; De facto, the Grand Coalition made the social democrats look like conservatives just painted in red.

Sigmar Gabriel lacked the charisma and ability to promise a real alternative to Angela Merkel so everybody expected there would be a boring election and Angela Merkel would be the new and old chancellor of Germany afterwards.

But when Martin Schulz came back from the European Parliament to Germany and Sigmar Gabriel decided to step back as the social democratic candidate for chancellery, the whole game changed.

The polls now show that he has a real chance to beat Angela Merkel and that the Germans seem to like this idea.

But why is Martin Schulz working like poison to the Nazi parties?

He is able to speak the language of the people and to create emotions.
He is talking like a social democrat and caring for the jobless and left behind people of Germany who are frustrated and feel left alone. And now it appears that they voted only out of protest for the Nazis.

He admits that some of our social reforms contain mistakes and they do not work for all Germans but with the right corrections, they could work for all Germans.

He is able to transport a social democratic vision and the hope of some change in future.

He is filling a gap and attracting people from the green, the left and even the right wing parties.

We actually now have a discussion about real relevant political themes like social injustice, job markets and investing in people instead of saving money. It is a proposal to bring Germany back on track instead of pointless paroles against refugees.  So so far, this is refreshing and lighting up my day.

I am no social democrat but I am happy Martin Schulz is back in Germany and I am now looking forward to our general election in September because I know that whomever will win, is a beacon of sanity in a gone-crazy political world.

I am feeling good about living in the German part of Europe at this time.

Martina Brinkman
German businesswoman who studied political science, history and economy in Trier. Co Founder of Europa United.

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